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-----------------------------   BLOG of ADAM PATCH   -----------------------------
Myself in 522 words:

Despite my pasty, pale complexion, I actually grew up in sunny Tucson, Arizona. As a little kid I was content with sitting in my room for hours on end doing anything creative- drawing, painting, building and breaking. To put it modestly, I was pretty much a master in the Lego Arts. As I got older, I started picking up my parents Hi8 video camera- making stop-motion films with my Lego creations.

In High School, I was hit with the sobering truth that “Master Lego Building” was not an offered elective, nor a sought after profession. “Computer Aided Drafting” was my closest bet, so I enrolled. After a couple semesters and a summer internship at an architects office that was spent primarily reconfiguring industrial bathroom layouts, I decided it just wasn’t for me.

My next elective was a Television Production class…and I was hooked. For me, filmmaking combined all the aspects of creativity that I enjoyed (with less toilet schematics and commercial tile specifications to worry about). The more I learned, the more I knew that I had found a replacement for my career in Legos.

With my sights set on film school (and my skin set on hopes of a more moderate climate), I made the move out to Los Angeles. After a year at Cal State Northridge, I became frustrated with that fact that I had to take 2 full years of pre-reqs before touching a camera. So, I threw away a years worth of tuition and transfered up to San Francisco to attend the Academy of Art University. This is when I really discovered my love for film. Shooting on 8mm my first semester and 16mm shortly after, I had the confirmation I needed that I was heading in the right direction.

During my first year, I shot a short film called “CU" and won "Best in Show" at the school’s film festival as well as a couple of online festivals. Soon after, I started directing music videos and small commercials- most of them for actual, paying, (although not paying very much), clients. I considered it a chance to build my reel while someone else picked up the tab. Shooting on film as often as possible, I pushed myself to try new techniques and push my comfort-zone with each project.

At the same time, I was honing my self-taught skills in design and animation, enough to pick up a few random After Effects gigs here and there, and eventually landing a part-time job as a designer at KRON 4. In 2007, I directed and animated a weather promo for KRON that won a Northern California Emmy Award. To be fair, I’m not positive that anyone else even entered my category, but the gold statue looks sweet in my office regardless.

When I graduated the Academy in 2008, I made the transition into the full-time freelance world and have been there ever since. I continue to work with dozens of clients- wearing many hats- directing, designing, editing, animating, writing and building with legos whenever I can.

In 2011 I won a Telly Award for this spot I directed for PayPal.

I currently live in San Francisco with my beautiful wife, Morgan and our cute pup, Eliot.